Her Tinder Date Escaped
Perfect Gentleman
Party Boy
The Dream Of Night And The Red Shoes
The Bad Girl
Barbara Took Method Acting A Little Bit Too Far

Max Kimber Studio

Working from her studio in Canterbury, Max can usually be found surrounded by a sea of paper and vintage photographs, trying to find the elusive bits that might make sense together!  Inspired by her long-term interest in anthrozoology and photography (see her other site: www.maxkimber.com ), these surreal and often humorous artworks are for sale either directly or via Lilford Gallery, Canterbury and Folkestone www.lilfordgallery.com

Please Note:  All the images shown are original artworks on vintage photographs, some as much as 100 years old.  They will naturally present some creases and signs of age which Max views as a welcome change to the clinical perfection of digital work.